Aesthetic Dentistry

As the name suggests, Aesthetic Dentistry includes applications that add aesthetics to teeth. Dentistry covers dozens of branches and the area of expertise of each unit is different. A dentist may not be able to do all applications. For example, the abilities of an orthodontist dentist and a pediatric dentist may be different. Aesthetic Dentistry includes details such as the structure of the lips, the length of the teeth, the level of the gums, color, and the sequence to create a smile that is flawless and natural.The most important part of facial aesthetics is that the lips, teeth and gums are each individually and together in harmony. s

A beautiful smile, bright and Uniform Teeth Like Pearls, the energy radiating into the face makes us feel better and look better. Advances in materials, technologies and restorative techniques used in dentistry allow us to get a smile that we later lost or didn't have at birth.

What is Aesthetic Dentistry?

Aesthetic dentistry differs from traditionally performed methods of Dentistry. With traditional dentistry methods, healthy teeth with proper chewing function are aimed. The dentist applies the necessary treatment to ensure that there is no space between the teeth and that the teeth do not decay. The focus of Aesthetic Dentistry is different. Teeth are the greatest complement to the aesthetics of our face. Proper, healthy, white teeth always positively affect a person's self-confidence. For this reason, aesthetic dentistry should be used to have smooth and white teeth.

Aesthetic Dentistry Procedures

Aesthetic Dentistry is a personalized Branch. The same apps may not suit everyone. The Aesthetic Dentistry applications we list below can sometimes be applied only some, sometimes all. The dentist will decide that. The most appropriate treatments are planned for your oral and dental structure.

  • Aesthetic Fillings: It is the name given to fillings that are adjusted according to the original tooth color and therefore visually indistinguishable from natural tooth enamel. These fillings are designed by a specialist dentist to be in natural dental form in shape and color. It is aimed that the color of the filling is exactly compatible with the color of the person's teeth, the boundaries of the filling are not clear, and thus the tooth filling is not understood with the naked eye when viewed from the outside. Thanks to aesthetic fillings, everyone can have a natural and beautiful smile.
  • Bleaching: Teeth Whitening (Bleaching) can be applied to every healthy person. But it is not preferred because it can increase sensitivity in people with intense gum withdrawal, root surfaces exposed. Bleaching is not a harmful process if applied in the right technique and time. Whitening is called the process of opening the color of the teeth by oxidizing organic pigments deep in the enamel and dentin tissue by applying a chemical agent to colored teeth.
  • Bonding: Bonding application is an easy and cheap cosmetic application. Mainly used for cosmetic requirements. It is used to improve the appearance of teeth with notches or colored, to close the spaces between the teeth, to change the shape and color of the teeth. It is an aesthetic method applied to make teeth look aesthetic. Bonding application is the name given to the process of bonding Composite fillers to the teeth without applying a process on the teeth.
  • Inlay/ Onlay: If more than half of the tooth surface has been lost for various reasons, standard fillings cannot show sufficient success and will not last long. In this case, the best solution is the application of inlay and onlay. Restorative materials often used in inlay and onlay fillings developed for aesthetic purposes are Composite and porcelain. Porcelain inlay and onlay fillings are a particularly aesthetically preferred type of dental fillings developed against some of the disadvantages of composite fillings and amalgam fillings.
  • Porcelain Applications: Porcelain tooth veneer method is the process of applying veneers produced from porcelain materials on the tooth after measurement. These custom porcelain teeth, made in accordance with the shape, color and aesthetics of the teeth of people, are produced from materials of very high quality. Ceramic restorations with metal infrastructure have been used for many years and still for crowns and bridges applied to provide function, phonation and aesthetics instead of lost or missing teeth.
  • • Laminate Applications: Veneers, specially prepared in leaf form for the patient, are glued to the tooth using a special adhesive material. In order for the veneers to hold on to the tooth, very little thinning is done before. After gluing the veneers, the patient can continue to use their teeth on the same day. During this procedure, the patient does not feel any pain or pain.

Aesthetic Dentistry in Turkey

Many patients who come to Turkey from abroad have their needs treated with affordable prices and success. Aesthetic Dentistry in Turkey is very popular and includes almost half of health tourism. Because in this sense, experienced dentists and equipped clinics serve in Turkey. Economic and affordable prices are also factors in this. In the dental clinic, it is now possible to make the color of the teeth whiter within 1 hour. When this treatment is supported by plaques applied at home, you get the white teeth you dream of. For patients from abroad, the treatment called office whitening is a treatment that is applied with high success. For patients who have problems sorting their teeth, if orthodontic treatment is not preferred, tooth coating treatment can be applied.

Aesthetic Dentistry Prices in Turkey

It is difficult to give general prices for dental treatments. Aesthetic Dentistry Prices in Turkey may vary depending on the patient's condition. Factors such as your pre-examination and which aesthetic dentistry applications will be applied determine the price. The price and duration of treatment are entirely up to you. If your mouth and dental health is good and there are not too many procedures, the price will be more economical. But if you have a lot of dental diseases that need to be treated, prices will vary. You can find out the current prices only after the examination.