Conservative Dental Treatment

Conservative Dental Treatment is also known as dental filling practice. Conservative dental treatments are operative treatments that can be seen with the naked eye in the mouth of the tooth and involve more enamel and dentin parts of the teeth. In this treatment, tooth decay or because of other reasons devastated parts, special high-tech devices used in dentistry is removed cleaned with custom textures, which are isolated by insulating material remaining after the vibrant and robust structure to mimic natural tooth restored with filling materials and the latest process is finished. Although many substances have been tried so far as permanent fillers, amalgam and composite fillers are most commonly used today. It is one of the most common treatment methods among Dental treatments in Antalya. It is also an important treatment for Dental tourism in Turkey. There are thousands of foreign patients who visit Turkey for this treatment.

What is Conservative Dental Treatment?

Conservative dental treatment methods are effective in the treatment of damage to teeth caused by various genetic and immune system diseases, especially caries. Dental treatment in dentistry is divided into two parts: conservative dental treatment and Endodontic. Conservative dental treatments are generally among the operative dental treatment methods that are interested in eliminating damage to the teeth that can be seen with the naked eye in the mouth and are mostly seen in the enamel and dentin parts of the teeth.. In conservative dental treatment, caries formed in enamel and dentin parts are cleaned with special tools used in dentistry. After that, the dental tissues that remain intact are preserved and filled to take the same shape as the old tooth structure, and the tooth is restored to its former function. Currently, the most commonly used fillers are amalgam, porcelain or composite fillers.

Fillings used in conservative dental treatment

Amalgam filling: It also called metallic filler. Amalgam is obtained by mixing a mixture of silver, tin and copper with mercury to the extent that it does not harm the human body. Mercury, which is added about 45%, is the main substance that keeps the filling in the mouth for a long time, holding other metals. Amalgam fillings are preferred because of their low cost compared to composite fillings and because they can stay in the mouth for longer. They can also be applied in less time than composite fillings. But today, it is debated whether the metals contained in amalgam fillings and mainly mercury harm human health.

Composite filling: it is the filling, also known as white filling. A composite filling that is the color of the tooth with silicon oxide particles contained in it is not noticeable on the tooth when applied and provides an aesthetic appearance. In these fillings, the material layer placed on the tooth, the layer is placed and frozen by hardening with a Special Beam Gun each time and then polished. This is a process that takes longer than the application of amalgam filling. But with the developing technology, composite fillings can remain in the mouth at least as much as amalgam fillings. In addition, composite fillings are successfully applied not only for caries, but also for the aesthetic treatment of broken teeth. Amalgam fillings cannot be eaten hard food for 24 hours, while composite fillings can be used after 1 hour. But composite fillings can change color over time if dyed food is eaten. In this case, they will need to be renewed. Porcelain fillings are also measured from the tooth the day before, and the porcelain fillings prepared the next day are placed on the tooth.

How is Conservative Dental Treatment performed?

The general Conservative Dental Treatment method is as follows. But fillings made with special materials may require waiting time, multiple rehearsals:

  • The area where the filler will be applied is first detected by X-ray.
  • Then it is emptied with technological tools.
  • The surrounding area and inside of the tooth are cleaned.
  • The substance to be applied is selected and prepared by the physician.
  • The substance to be applied is selected and prepared by the physician.
  • The machine is used to freeze in a short time.
  • After the procedure, the patient opens and closes his mouth, moves it. If there is an uncomfortable place, the doctor gives the final shape by thinning, cutting, lowering.

Bacteria from the cavity formed by caries very easily reach the vascular neural network that provides external nutrition and cause severe pain in the tooth, then root canal treatment or even tooth extraction may be required if it progresses further. This is why it is very important to diagnose and treat caries early.

Conservative Dental Treatment in Antalya

Antalya is one of the most active cities in dental tourism. Turkey is the center of tourism and health. It has fully equipped dental hospitals and clinics where many dental treatments are performed. Conservative Dental Treatment in Antalya is an ideal treatment method especially for foreign patients visiting Antalya. Antalya Dental Tourism is the first in Europe in this sense and is always very popular. After filling, sensitivity may occur. Sensitivity to pressure, air, sweet food, or heat may occur in the tooth. For the most part, this sensitivity subsides within a week or two. Try to stay away from things that make you sensitive during this time. If you have hypersensitivity that does not decrease within two weeks, you should contact your dentist. A complete explanation of your sensitivity will significantly help your dentist decide what to do next. It is possible to reshape the filling or replace it with a new one. At the same time, the dentist can also put a tooth sensitivity-relieving agent under the filling. But if the filling is deep, root canal treatment may be required to solve the problem.

Conservative Dental Treatment Prices in Antalya

Prices for Conservative Dental Treatment may vary. Conservative Dental Treatment Prices in Antalya vary depending on the location of the tooth to be filled, the size of the filling and the tooth filler you choose. Since it is a practical treatment method performed on the same day, you can spend the rest of the day visiting Antalya.