Endodontics Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is the process of removing the nerve of the tooth, cleaning and shaping the cavity and filling special canal filling materials. Root canal treatment is one of the most important treatments of Antalya Dental tourism. Foreign patients who come to Antalya for different dental treatments also receive this treatment. Because it's a short-term treatment. Antalya root canal treatment is among the most common dental treatments. Thanks to the substances and techniques used in canal treatment today, the vast majority of abscesses at the end of the root can be treated and thus there is no need to remove the tooth. Tooth extraction is a treatment option that is applied in cases of infection that cannot be controlled or in cases where the relationship between the tooth and jaw is severely impaired.

What is Endodontics?

First, it should be known that no artificial tooth replaces the natural tooth. Therefore, we must protect our natural teeth to the last point by treating them. One of the most well-known methods of protection when one of our teeth gets sick is canal treatment. When the pulp is damaged beyond repair, the pulp dies. It is usually caused by bacteria in broken teeth or deep caries. Bacteria lead to inflammation at the core of the tooth. And eventually you can lose your tooth completely. Root canal treatment is a form of treatment applied in cases where the pulp is damaged. Although shooting is the only solution when faced with a soft layer of teeth that has been sick in previous years, today it is possible to treat these teeth. Endodontics is a dental branch that includes this treatment.

How is Endodontics - Canal Treatment performed?

Root canal treatment can last between 1-3 sessions, depending on the disease state of the tooth. Anesthesia is performed if it is considered necessary first when starting treatment. Then, the decay in the part of the tooth that appears in the mouth is especially cleaned and the canals are reached. The diseased tooth pulp is removed and reached to the tip of the root. The length of the channel is determined by a device that finds the root end. The root canals are expanded, shaped and washed with special disinfectant solutions and cleaned from microbes in the canal with a Diode Laser or a set tissue laser. Finally, the root canals are tightly filled with Canal fillers. For the upper restoration of the tooth, a normal tooth filling or composite or porcelain Inlay /Onlay is made, depending on the case. The treatment is completed by taking the final X-ray film.

In What Cases Is Root Canal Treatment Necessary?

The aim of root canal treatment in endodontic clinics is to clean the problematic parts of the bad teeth that can be lost due to decay, to ensure that they remain in the mouth for a long time and to prevent further treatments that will occur due to tooth loss. Many elements can cause damage to this tissue, called Pulp. The most common among these is cracking of the tooth. At the same time, the fact that caries are too advanced due to the fact that they are not treated in time also damages the pulp tissue. However, due to a serious blow to the tooth, this tissue can be damaged and may need to be removed after a while. If the pulp is not removed in this treatment, the risk of infection will be very high. In case of infection, pus accumulates in the root part of the tooth and in the jawbone, which causes an abscess. This pus, which can progress enough to destroy the bone surrounding the tooth, causes a very serious pain in the patient. For this reason, the pulp that has been damaged by canal treatment must be removed.

Endodontics - Canal Treatment in Antalya

If you want to have Endodontics - Canal Treatment in Antalya, you should make sure that the clinic you prefer has a special unit for this treatment. Because not every dentist can perform this treatment. The dentist must be an endodontist. Teeth are made up of hard and soft tissues. In the outer part there is a hard enamel tissue, and in the inner part there is a cavity consisting of a vein and nerve pack that runs along the root. It is done in cases where caries reaches the pulp chamber, where the living tissues of the tooth are located, or when it comes too close and affects the nerves of the tooth. In addition, even if there is no fracture in the tooth after severe trauma, root canal treatment is also performed if it is found that the nerves at the end of the root due to the impact are damaged.

Endodontics - Canal Treatment Prices in Antalya

Root canal treatment, which many of us fear, is actually a very practical and easy treatment. Prices are also very affordable. Endodontics-Canal Treatment Prices in Antalya vary depending on the condition of the tooth. You can be treated at very affordable prices according to European countries. In general, prices can vary depending on the experience of the doctor, whether he is an endodontist, the condition of the tooth and the number of root canals in the tooth. If you are coming to Antalya for a holiday, you can relax with this treatment in 1 day. Or, if you are planning to visit Antalya for different dental treatments, you can add root canal treatment to your list. Root canal treatment is a treatment completed in one session or two sessions, depending on the condition of the tooth. The Endodontist takes an X-ray to see the extent of the spread of the infection as the first stage. He then applies local anesthesia to the teeth with the infection he will treat. This is how the treatment is completed.