Oral Diagnosis and Radiology

Oral Diagnosis and Radiology is a branch of diagnosis and examination with a simple and clear explanation. Every patient who comes to Antalya for treatment within the scope of Antalya Dental Tourism definitely goes through this process. Because Oral Diagnosis and Radiology Antalya is the first step in dental treatments. Oral diagnosis and radiology, which means oral diagnosis, is the first clinic that patients visit before starting treatment in dental faculties, private hospitals or dental clinics. Oral diagnosis and radiology clinic by specialist dentists; oral examination is performed and panoramic X-rays are taken showing the structure of the teeth and jaw. After this stage, a patient-specific treatment plan is issued and treatment is provided in the relevant section. But only problems such as rotten teeth, buried teeth, or pulled gums are not seen in the mouth.

What is Oral Diagnosis and Radiology?

Oral diagnosis and Radiology is the process of making a diagnosis following the examination of X-rays of the patient's mouth area and a detailed intra-oral examination. By another definition, it is the main branch of Science in dentistry that has undertaken the diagnosis and treatment planning of oral diseases and systemic diseases that give symptoms in the mouth. One of the most effective methods that help with dental treatment is radiological examinations. These examinations can be evaluated as dental tomography, intra-oral and non-oral X-rays, panoramic X-rays and periapical X-rays. In dental tomography, a large number of bone and soft tissue images are taken from axial, sagittal and coronal angles that cannot be seen with normal X-rays. These images are also reconfigured with advanced special software, allowing you to view the desired area from the desired angle and from all directions. These sections, which give all the details and accurate measurement necessary for diagnosis, will also guide the treatment. Oral and external X-rays are periapical X-rays that can also be easily taken in every dentist's office and show one or more teeth. In these X-ray images, Root, Bone Loss, caries, tooth and root infections can easily be seen along with the tooth.

How is Oral Diagnosis and Radiology Performed?

Oral diagnosis is of great importance not only in dentistry, but also in terms of systemic diseases. So much so that some signs inside and outside the mouth can be a harbinger of systemic diseases. For example, the first sign of some dermatological diseases begins in the mouth. Oral Diagnosis and Radiology is performed by intra-oral, non-oral and radiological examination. An out-of-mouth examination covers the mouth and surrounding tissues. In addition, teeth are examined in a systematic order. Gum disease is evaluated for plaque, tooth stone accumulation, fistula presence, mobility, caries, incompatible restorations, perplexity, color, number and disfigurement. After an individual examination of the teeth, it is also examined in terms of closing and the relationship of the jaws with each other. Oral Diagnosis and Radiology methods used in Antalya dental clinics are as follows:

  • Digital panoramic radiography: dental X-ray imaging is a technique used to view all the teeth in the mouth, all the bone tissue surrounding the teeth, all the inward teeth and the entire jawbone.
  • Periapical radiographs: this technique is intranet imaging, which is used to see in more detail the images of suspicious situations seen on panoramic radiographs. Here, only a few adjacent teeth and bone tissue around these teeth can be displayed.
  • Digital radiographs: the X-ray image obtained in this technique is displayed instantly on the computer. Color settings and measurement operations are performed in this image as needed.
  • Computed tomography: this is an imaging technique used when traditional imaging methods are not sufficient. In this method, which is used to minimize the risk of surgical procedure, it is used in conjunction with prototyping to create models or guide plates of the relevant areas prior to surgery.

Oral Diagnosis and Radiology in Antalya

The technological devices used by Antalya Oral Diagnosis and Radiology are in European standards. A successful oral treatment is only possible with the correct diagnosis. Oral diagnosis helps to identify all problems inside and outside the mouth in dentistry and to use scientific information to determine the relationship between them and to make the right treatments in accordance with the results achieved. A good oral diagnosis is performed by external oral examination, internal oral examination and radiological examination. All teeth and intraoral tissues are evaluated and informed if interventions related to teeth that have not yet complained are required. In our Department of oral, dental and jaw radiology; clinical and Radiological determination of the diagnosis of diseases in the oral, dental and jaw region and the treatments to be performed. It is aimed to detect and evaluate pathology or abnormalities, if any, with radiographs taken from the mouth, teeth and jaw area. In the light of this information, a treatment plan specific to the individual is prepared and patients are referred to specialist clinics where these treatments will be performed.

Oral Diagnosis and Radiology Prices in Antalya

Tests and analyses for diagnosis of the disease before Dental treatments are usually included in the examination fee, but in some cases additional fees may be charged. Oral Diagnosis and Radiology Prices in Antalya vary depending on the examination device used. You can find out the current prices by calling the clinic. As the first stage, an intra-oral examination is performed and an X-ray is taken showing the structure of the teeth and jaw. After this stage, a patient-specific treatment plan is removed. In the mouth, only rotten teeth and inflamed gums do not appear. As is accepted all over the world, diseases of all soft tissues observed in the jaw bones and joints, salivary glands, tongue and mouth are seen in matters related to dentistry. If you are not going to be treated at the same clinic and only want to use the diagnostic service, the prices may be different and higher.