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PAPATYA ACADEMY – Sustainable Development

There are many dental clinics in World. But very few of them continue their in-service training. Dental care is our passion. We not only do dental treatment to our patients, we also develop our dental knowledge and wisdom.

We attended many international dental conferences and really satisfied with the new knowledge that we acquired. We also host dental symposiums and conferences in Antalya. Thanks to our diligent dentists, we share our knowledge and experiences in these events.

Papatya Academy, Dentists’ Symposium 2021 will be held in Porto Bello Resort Hotel, on March 12nd – 14th. Due to intensive applications, we could only accept dentists. Our symposium is free of charge and our main goal is academic development of our personel and increasing dental satistaction of our patients.

Key Speakers of Dentists’ Symposium 2021

• Dt. Ahmet Göktaş

• Uzm. Dr. Burak Şahbazoğlu

• Dr. Dt. Canan Akdik

• Uzm. Dr. Gülen Kamak

• Uzm. Dr. Fatih Bayır

• Doç. Dr. Hasan Kamak

• Uzm. Dr. İlhan Altınsoy