Prosthetic Dental Treatment

In short; it aims to restore the aesthetics, phonation and function that the patient has lost by recreating the lost teeth and surrounding tissues inside the mouth. Prosthetic Dental Treatment is the most effective and permanent treatment for tooth deficiency. With Antalya Prosthetic Dental Treatment, you can have perfect teeth and get rid of dental problems permanently. It should be noted that this treatment method is one of the most common treatments in Antalya Dental Tourism.

What is Prosthetic Dental Treatment?

The process of replacing lost teeth with their function and aesthetics using various prosthetics is called Prosthetic dental treatment. In the rehabilitation of the missing tooth or area, many alternative prosthetic methods can be applied. If the tooth or teeth are lost due to different factors, the cavity that occurs in the mouth causes a person's functions such as chewing and speaking to be negatively affected. As well as all this, aesthetic concerns may arise. In this case, prosthetic dental treatment methods are used, which cause the person to be isolated from social life.

How is Prosthetic Dental Treatment Performed?

A prosthesis means the artificial replacement of any deficiency or organ or tissue in the body that cannot fully perform its function. In dentistry, prosthetic dental treatment means artificial replacement of missing or lost teeth. Depending on the number, location and condition of the surrounding tissues, treatment method: fixed restorations can be performed with partial dentures and full dentures. With the development of Implantology, it is also possible to make prostheses that receive support from implants. In cases where the teeth are excessively destroyed, a treatment method called veneer is applied. During the veneer, the teeth are reduced and a restoration is performed on them, which passes almost like a hat. In a commonly used method, a metal infrastructure is made on the teeth, and then a porcelain tooth is made on this structure. Although this method is often used, it has some disadvantages. The Metal can oxidize over time and its harmony with the tooth may deteriorate. Oxidation can also cause discoloration of the gums. These disadvantages were corrected by a method called Zircon or zirconium. Zirconium is a metal alloy of light-passing structure. The advantage of zirconium bridges and veneers is that they are aesthetically very beautiful and their gum harmony is healthier. In prostheses with a Metal background, the colors of the teeth become matte, as the metal color is reflected from the bottom. In zirconium, the color of the natural tooth is reflected from the bottom and this gives a stratified and much more beautiful appearance. The gum harmony of zircon veneers is also quite good. It has been observed in studies that the gum sticks to the zirconium and does not open.

Another technique often used in prosthetic dental treatments is lamina. Lamina, without thinning the entire tooth, is a procedure performed only on the front surface, also called a false nail. Deep cracks, surface disorders, slight perplexities and intervals on the surfaces of the teeth, tooth color disorders can be corrected by the lamina method. In this technique, the front surfaces of the teeth are slightly eroded, or if the teeth are suitable, these nails are made by measuring them without being eroded at all. These restorations, which are glued to the teeth with very strong adhesives, offer a very aesthetic image. Some of these techniques have also introduced their own names as brands.

Dental Prosthesis Types

Fixed dentures: in teeth that do not have sufficient dental tissue support and experience a loss of a substance that cannot be restored with filling material, inlay, onlay restorations or crown restoration can be performed by shrinking the entire tooth, which includes part of the tooth according to the size of the tissue loss. In cases where there is a lack of one or more teeth, dentures that are used as support by shrinking the teeth on both sides of the cavity are bridge dentures. Changes in people's social lives, advancing technology in dentistry and advances in prosthetic treatments have increased patients ' aesthetic and functional expectations and raised their living standards. Especially with the increase in aesthetic expectation, metal alloys used in the infrastructure have been replaced by superior aesthetic and biocompatible materials.

Zirconium Veneers: high resistance, biocompatible, durable and aesthetic restorations. The fact that zirconium oxide is a material close to the natural color of the teeth and remains as durable as it is in the face of forces has spread the use of zirconium ceramics in fixed and implant prostheses.

Empress crowns are restorations with high aesthetic properties, whose durability is increased and whose light transmittance is quite good, consisting entirely of ceramics without the use of infrastructure materials such as metal or zirconium oxide.

Laminate Veneers of the teeth shape, color, form and size minimal abrasion to treat problems obtained as a result of the outer surface of the leaf-shaped porcelain esthetic restorations are obtained by bonding, quite close to the natural tooth.

Fixed prostheses on the Implant: these are crown or bridge prostheses that are made by backing one or more implants, glued or screwed. It prevents damage to adjacent intact teeth by placing them in the area that is missing, especially in the absence of several teeth. These dentures can be made of metal ceramic or zirconium.

Implant-mounted moving prostheses: Implant-mounted moving prostheses are a form of treatment with 2, 3 or 4 implants placed in the jawbone in complete toothlessness. These prostheses are prostheses supported by both implants and tissues. With a smaller number of implants in highly resorbed jawbones, it eliminates the problem of dislocation of moving prostheses, especially.

Prosthetic Dental Treatment Prices in Antalya

Factors such as materials used, technique, clinic and dentist's experience are effective in determining Prosthetic Dental Treatment Prices in Antalya. Compared to European countries, the cost of this treatment in Antalya is much less. During the treatment, you can have a holiday in Antalya and enjoy your treatment.