The warm and friendly approach of Mr. Ahmet and Mrs. Toprak takes your tension before the treatment starts. I had many treatments including filling, canal, implant, tartar cleaning and I was very pleased with it every time. Thanks to all employees one by one for their interest and efforts.


We brought my mother about 2 months ago and the procedures had to be completed as quickly as possible because she was going to have an operation. Papatya dental hospital solved our problem in such a relevant and fast way, thank you very much. They acted as if we were officially family members, not patients. Fortunately, we’ found good people like this at this time. Thanks for everything. You are an excellent team.


I applied for control, cleaning and suggestion. Although I went for the first time, I was very pleased. They are very warm and do not offer anything other than what it should be, they produce solutions in the most practical and healthy way, I was sent off painlessly, sincerely and with a smiling face. THANKS PAPATYA


Dear Papatya dental hospital family, I would like to thank your dentists for their friendly, meticulous and tolerant behavior. I recommend it with peace of mind.


First of all, they have friendly employees and dentists, and they are solution-oriented. Most importantly, the prices are reasonable. We are satisfied.


It is a wonderful place you can choose in Antalya with its experienced dentists, treatment services, friendly staff and hygiene. You can get service with peace of mind and confidence. Thank you very much for their close attention and transparency during my treatment.


I chose Papatya dental clinic for an implant and a comprehensive oral treatment. My treatment ended with a great satisfaction with my decision. First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Ahmet and his team for their interest and patience in this long process.


I would like to thank Papatya Dental Hospital for making me feel very comfortable during the treatment. I will recommend it to everyone around me


I have been coming to this polyclinic for almost 3 years and I am very satisfied. Occasionally, the dentists I went to has changed, but every dentist I knew was likewise smiling and patient. I have never regretted a single operation that I came to do, so thank you to the whole team


I have been receiving treatment for a long time in this clinic and everyone is very friendly. The whole team is very polite that you can definitely come with your eyes closed. Thank you for your nice and satisfactory services.


I would like to thank Chief Physician Mr. Ahmet and all other employees for their smiling faces and interest. I had a canal, filling and tooth cleaning. I was very pleased. In addition, the presence of a prayer room in the clinic made me very happy. You don't need to waste time elsewhere. I strongly recommend.


As soon as I entered the door, I was greeted wonderfully. Endless thanks to the Papatya Dental Hospital team for helping me overcome my fears throughout my treatment process. Thank you for Ahmet Göktaş and his team. After that, my only address is here.


It is very successful in terms of hygiene and professionalism. Thank you to everyone who helped me with great care and sympathy and kept me calm throughout the treatment period... I recommend it to everyone.


I am writing as someone who is really afraid of dentists and I got all on 4 very recently. I would like to thank Mr. Ahmet and his team for attaching so much importance to hygiene during this pandemic period. After that, Papatya is my only address as a dental hospital in Turkey.


It was a great treatment process with such an expert staff. I would like to thank everyone for their efforts. Thanks.


I visited them for two wisdom tooth extractions. The friendliness and experience of the founder Mr. Ahmet are very pleasing. I did not feel any pain and the process progressed very quickly. I was also pleased with the price. I thank them very much and wish them a continued success.


I have been to many dental clinics in different countries, but I have not yet encountered a clinic that is as clean and friendly as Papatya. There is a great team. Thank you to everyone. I would like to thank my dentist who did his job meticulously and with devotion during all my treatments. You can go without any doubt with peace of mind.

- B.K

They are working very professionally, all measures have been taken for covid 19. Thank you to all employees.